Knuckle are duo – Benny and Jonny – if your making copious notes – they‘ve just released their debut single ‘living hell’ and have so far laid to fits of swooning all who’ve had the pleasure to hear them thus far. They come packing with them a guitar, drums and a minimalist threadbare and sparse sonic detailing informed by drunken nights of blurred listening soirees tuned in and digging the types of platters reared up on the wrong side of the tracks. ’living hell’ is raw, potent and primitive, a primordial slab of bad blues boogie purred with a snaking down at the heel strut and primed with the kind of authentic howl that aside sounding so intense and dirty appears to be trading heavily on a skeletal Troggs-ian riffola not to mention being delivered by vocal tubes reared to rawk. Future happenings should see the release of another single soon and then a debut EP for the Wakefield based imprint philophobia music. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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