leonidas and hobbes

Primed for counter frenzy at next weeks RSD14 – apparently it was scheduled for May release but the vinyl came back earlier than expected – the fourth release from the acclaimed Hobbes Music sound house sees the combined talents of owners and in demand mixers (hook up to their mix of the Pet Shop Boys ‘vocal’) Hobbes and Leonidas doing beautifully bad things across a limited three track 12 inch platter. Entitled ‘mo machines’ EP as said this release features three uber groovy cuts from the nu class of club cadets and opens its account with ‘turn u round’ which frankly I should warn you appears to have a life of its own, a subterranean party pack distilling as were four decades of groove into a mutating trance techno hothouse hybrid and runs with the funk to sound like a subtropic uber chilled S’Express on heat. Bitten by the funky bug ‘mo’ moody’ is the most playful of the three cuts here and found here cooked up into a head expanding buzz sawing dubtronic teaser that sounds to these ears like classic era Apollo 440 going head to head with Herbie Hancock. Best of the set by our reckoning is the parting ‘Sputnik’ – a full on deeply immersive psych shimmered head phonic trip experience of trance toned cosmedelic cool – be honest do you really need any further prodding. .

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