art trip and the static sound

Okay, there we were about to pack up things for the night when we get an email espousing the musical virtues of Art Trip and the Static Sound. Seems the trio have a debuting long playing platter entitled ‘nothing is static’ readying itself for release next month via Fiasco Recordings wherein it’ll appear on black wax housed in a hand painted sleeve. We’ve had a brief peak at the opening cut ’the girl who’ and quite frankly are itching to have this doing bad things on our turntable. Sounding not unlike its been unearthed from a lost Peel broadcast c.1979/80 this flat lining scratchy buzz sawing post punked babe imagines a seriously sparse and wired Raincoats doing a mutant retweaks fusing together the Fall’s ’rowche rumble’ and ’fiery jack’ and stapling the blighter on to a vaguely warped Rezillos styled bubble grooved motif all blessed with a ridiculously rash forming spiky hook. Begging letters are being fired off as I write for copies for further adoration…..

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