falling stacks

Many years ago I used to own a Hungarian Vizsla – I say own – the blighter followed us home one day, a bag of bones he was, bruised, scarred, scared and near left for dead by his previous owners we had I at the time known where they lived I’d have happily taken a horse whip to them. I mention all this because in this here video there is a Hungarian Vizsla taking centre stage, a little cute fella he is to. But be honest you don’t want me waffling on about dogs – so that’s what he’s talking about I hear you all collectively sigh – I thought he was going on about foreign cigarette rolling papers – me too. Well I never. Obviously I digress. So back to the business. New thing from Battle worldwide recordings, more precisely Falling Stacks – who if memory serves rightly – last had us a gushing with their version of the Weddoes ‘dare’ on the forthcoming RSD14 wax attraction that is the ‘my first record, my first record store’ 12 inch via the same imprint. Anyhow next up on the release roster is falling stacks new ‘Vizsla’ EP which much to our surprise has been playing out since the tail end of last month, this cut from the set entitled ‘burning platform’ proving to be a deliciously awkward slab of gnarled math-ian post everything groove channelling the kind of acutely angular art pop that we here were once upon a time knee deep in – reference wise the Arm, trencher, Hey colossus if your looking for sonic soul mates – it is 2 and half minutes of grievously blank generation flat lining touch n go styled non pop punctuated by all manner of stop start signatures which on repeat listens we seriously suspect is the work of chaps all playing from differing song sheets. Quite frankly makes the Fall sound like Abba which kinda makes it on our wavelength.

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