girl band

Much loved around here though alas the love isn’t quite reciprocated, girl band are now streaming – (well I say streaming – not rightly sure its up for public viewing but hey ho no one responds to reviews so I’m guessing we can sneak this on the blind side) – their RSD14 outing ‘the cha cha cha‘ which is being pressed up as an extremely limited (100 only) flexi disc that‘ll comes housed in a little wooden box and available through the any other city imprint – sounds tasty eh. Tastier still is the track itself – 25 seconds – yep you read right – 25 seconds of prime packed no frills agit bop. An acutely cute sonic car crash that screams, shrieks and rages amid a rapid fire skree storm of furious punked out riff belches, skull caning 100mph plus drumming and unhinged psychosis, in truth there’s more in your face aggro here in this briefly impacting toxic aural head-but than most bands achieve in a career. play nice now children.

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