laetitia sadier

Am I the only one who thinks Drag City’s press releases are getting weirder and more surreal by the minute, I’m suspecting some seriously heavy smoking substances are afoot. That said the one they’ve huddled together and scribbled down between the passing of said super spliff for Laetitia Sadier isn’t half as bonkers as their usual wordy fair. An album in the offing – hopefully this year – though tomorrow would be just perfect – and fresh from another insanely infectious collaboration with Benjamin Schoos, a forthcoming tour of these shores where she’ll be stepping out with the ridiculously oft overlooked Neutral Milk Hotel and a new single in the shape of ’then, I will love you again’. be honest – things just don’t get any better. Out via Drag City as a download only single next month and available right now exclusively through iTunes, Ms Sadier’s solo star continues to rise while Stereolab remain on a prolonged sabbatical. sound wise ’then, I will love you again’ revisits former ‘Lab landscapes positing itself on cruise control voyaging environs previously documented on ‘emperor tomato ketchup’ all typically caressed and smouldered by Sadier’s sophisticat glazing and sumptuously primed with a purring spacey pop dynamic lushly dimpled in the subtle motorik haze of sighing lounge lilts which all said should find admiring glances from old school Quickspace admirers and new school Deerhunter disciples.


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