lola’s bad

Quite gorgeously demurring this, the kind of thing you’d have rightly expected to appear out of the Loaf / lo recordings sound stable in times gone past. New thing from Evangelia C under her chosen nom de plume Lola’s Bad who it seems flits between bases Athens, UK and US and whilst on a momentary stay over has the incurable knack for stepping into studio spaces to lay down moments of exquisite ethereal electro pop. Non more so is this on evidence than on ‘break out’ wherein the kind of acutely crafted and intricately layered high end calibre more associated with a youthful minimalist minded Eurythmics is brought to bear with surrendering precision. Add to the mix a quietly purred widescreen celestial grandeur dimpled in a star speckled sculpturing and etch it all in glacial frost tipped flurries and you have something that ought to appeal first port of call to those much smitten by Grimes.

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