We were tempted to actually include the sound cloud link for this – wasn’t marked private – until we realised it pretty much featured the whole album – so to save on embarrassing exchanges of emails – the type of which we direct to our special filing tray – which for arguments sake we’ll call a bin – we’ve passed up on the opportunity. It is airing on a certain indie rag website but I’ll be buggered if I’m giving them a heads up and besides that their site takes such an age to load up – featuring adverts as it does trying to part you and your money in exchange for naff records. We like to call this a little side service on your behalf. Anyhow new single from Happyness who I seem to recall have featured to much trumpeting and fanfare here. Ahead of their debut album ‘weird little birthday’ comes ‘great mind think alike, all brains taste the same’ – a slinky sub two minute west coast lilted buzz pop nugget that has the craft of Chris Stamey stamped all over it and quite frankly sounds like an all star power popped gathering of raspberries, teenage fan club, the mayflies and velvet crush types all housed in a bijou sun lounger decored studio doing sun draped aural afterglows for kicks. Infectious doesn’t quite cut it. Out soon on weird smiling.

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