First of two new releases from the Anti ghost moon ray imprint who you might recall we mentioned by way of that quite essential gazelle twin release a few weeks ago (‘belly of the beast’). first up then Bernholz or to give him his full name Jez Bernholz – who when not carrying out anti ghost moon ray co founder duties is prone to twiddle about surrounded by banks of synthesisers by the glow of candlelight – well we say candlelight for effect its not as is he’s failed to keep up with the electric costs and been cut off as a result. ’my history’ / ’alive’ is the kind of release I guess you could apply the descriptor slow to burn to for bernholz crafts a softly seductive delayed effect to his nocturnal funk bitten electronica with ’my history’ opting to navigate a particularly familiar route way that sees him journeying ever so slightly in to early career Swimmer One waters. That said our favourite of the two is the intricately layered ’alive’ which asides managing to cram in a positive smorgasbord of minimalist electroid motifs onto its sparse palette to which admirers of the expanding imprint may well find of interest also has a divinely cute knack of hotwiring into the coolly casual matrix of the much missed Birdpen albeit as though smouldered in a soft sophistication by the Heaven 17 / BEF crew.

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