If this doesn’t get you going then nothing will, so damn sexy and horny I suspect a cold shower might be required after listening experiences. I’ll say right now that I want a copy of this blighter or else I fear I will spontaneously combust. This comes ripped from the forthcoming debut full length by Towns – the second track as it happens from ‘Get by’ which all things being well ought to emerge in clear sunlight early June via the Bristol based imprint Howling Owl (well cool name eh). Three and a half minutes of blissed out lysergic heaven that cuts sassy fringe parting shapes amidst a hazy front loaded cool that literally oozes from its grooves and radiates kaleidoscopic sun spots before your very eyes – those in need of reference markers might be wise to imagine a three way studio face off between the mock turtles, jesus jones and the stone roses. Buy on sight.

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