There’s been a positive hive of activity emanating from the secret bunker of spine farm records these last 24 hours or so with news of an all out aural assault planned for RSD14. First up and streaming right now ahead of its official release tomorrow – the debuting platter from Krokodil – a super group collective of sorts featuring members of gallows, sik th, cry for silence and hexes – have forged an alliance to stamp onto a limited hand numbered 500 only blue 7 inch wax grooved beauty two slabs of gruesome cranium caning claustrophobic end of days gouging. Not I should warn for the feint of heart, for ’shatter’ is a light sucking dark mass that sounds for all the world as though its managed to tear itself and crawl from out the damning clutches of hell’s gaping pit. No pity nor mercy here, no corner to hide, salvation is but a thoughtful dream, instead a wearying soul sucking five minute freefall into oblivion is what’s on offer, a ravaged flag waving last stand replete in war ready apocalyptic armoury thickly curdled in a suffocating surge of razored riffage playing out to a futile battle cry which in truth once your ears adjust its not as threatening as first encountered instead proving to be blissfully blistered.

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