cozm x

Nu age spiritualism to go, latest instalment from the Cozm x collective who appear to be a third way through what seems to be a year long celebration of the inner spirit, mother nature, the cosmos and everything therein with sonic postings at monthly intervals. Turning their backs on materialism this four way mindset provide the means for inward exploration and describe their sounds as imaginal music that’s neither modern nor avant-garde but rather more prehistoric. On this occasion featuring Archangel Gong Amenita on pulsar radio voice and divinations ‘Aprilis’ is an 18 minute dream weaving hypno groove that scouts and skirts the ambient voids, a dronal messenger turned on by mystical folk mosaics and reverberating bowed instrumentation replete with in the womb like flashbacks, at once mesmeric and lulling, close your eyes, drift away and prepare for conditioning.

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