la piramide di sangue

Its with boring machines that we stay a little while longer for Italy’s finest has three planned releases soon to be vying for attention in the coming weeks. Due for May release Maurizio Abate’s ‘a way to nowhere’ get an airing in a collaboration with black sweat of whom whose mailing list we mysteriously appeared and disappeared in double quick time following our approving reviews of both their Piotr Kudek and Embryo releases – how strange – given we are now miffed at missing their current crop of outings which includes ‘first electronic chill out music’ which gathers together ‘music out of the moon’ and ‘perfume set to music’ both originally released in 1947 and 1948. After that Boring Machines first non music outing is a collection of images gathered together by Adriano Zanni – better known as Punck – which meant to serve as a visual aid for his 2008 ‘pialassa’ set. On the release horizon looms Dream Weapon Ritual – a duo comprising of Simon Balestrazzi and Monica Serra collaborating on a suite that promises to defy easy categorization. All said up next – release date April 30th – will see the appearance of Torino based seven piece psychedelicists La Pyramid di Sangue’s ‘sette’ full length. A colossal seven suite set which admittedly we’ve only just got onto – so while we delve a little deeper and a little longer into its multi disciplined genre bending grooving we couldn’t just leave it there without a brief mention for the parting cut ‘la Guerra non Finira’ – arguably the most chilled moment from a set that at turns dives headlong into some seriously heavily tripped out progian stoner grooving to which admirers of Supersister may do well to pencil onto their must listen to lists. This babe goes for the brooding atmospheric route which reference wise catches the blindside of the Grails and the master musicians of the bukake for an 8 minute bonged out slice of dust scarred that comes rippled in the kind of archaic melodic mosaics that for all the world sound as though they were discovered on a Tibetan archaeological trip and of whom whose jazzy detours allure with the kind of mystical wooziness usually encountered on releases by Moondog, add in some divinely crafted Mediterranean musing of which old school fans of the much missed Le Mans will lap up and you have a terraforming headtrip of a cut that shape shifts sumptuously like sands caught in a sultry mistral. Expect further visitations in future musings.

As to that portrait collection by Adriano Zanni – here’s a short montage….

<p><a href=”″>Postcards from Ravenna</a> from <a href=””>Adriano Zanni</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

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