piper’s son

First of all a huge thanks is owed to Shaun – head honcho over at the Vacilando 68 imprint – for sending over a spare copy of that must have Bob Constant 10 inch just out – which I’m happy to say reached us unmolested, undamaged and in one pristine piece (for those wondering what the fuss is about – check the woes of royal mail ineptness and stupid neighbours documented in the release review last missive out – scandalous to think they still call themselves Royal). Next up from the label and just ahead of a prestigious support slot with Vic Godard this coming Thursday (24/4) where they’ll not only perform a full support set but will accompany Mr Goddard as his backing band while the great man turns in a Lou Reed tribute show, piper’s son have a new EP imminent which has been getting underneath our skin for all the right reasons. For now we’ll restrict ourselves to plugging the lead out track while we fire out missives for a full physical copy that way the label / band will get two bites of the apple – because we are nice like that. The EP is headed up by ‘mining’ – a track culled from last years well received ‘the roar from behind’ full length. A jaunty and distracting blighter that curiously jitterbugs across the grooves in a moist skittish manner refusing to settle into any one pattern, one minute tripping to the breezily light and attractive mooching sway of skanking motifs that in short sound like some lost Specials / Fun Boy 3 flip side the next rippled in subtle art pop mosaics all sun glowed in a most fetching afterglow of sun setting shanty exotica. http://www.pipersson.bandcamp.com/track/mining

Incidentally the show is at the Bar Arty Party, bar and co temple pier, victoria embankment, WCR2 – and includes asides Vic Goddard and Piper’s Son – Matthew Sawyer and his Band, the European and a screening of Geoffrey Taylor’s film ‘close’.

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