Let’s just say that this nearly slipped the net upon initial hearing, I don’t mind admitting it’s a bit of a grower and with that something of a deceptive blighter, a debut single – forthcoming I should add – by Iceni an all girl three piece – Caroline, Liz and Lindsay – who by all accounts are described as purveyors of disco infused power pop who’ve been variously described as plotting a pop furrow somewhere between Kate Bush, Haim, Vampire Weekend and Fleetwood Mac and who have had on occasion supported the likes of the Stranglers, Aswad and Jamie Cullum. As said ’drive’ is slyly distractive, blessed with three part harmonies and a song craft acutely tamed with a knowing pop nouse about its wares, this honey initially tip toes to a demurring and crystalline folk floral design peppered in the delightful canter of Brontean key pirouettes before side stepping into something elegiac and classically hued not to say emotionally spirited only to further gear change again amid a stormy turbulence before pulse rupturing its way to the end groove by way of a thunderous panic attacking crescendo replete with a Nyman-esque nimbleness and found sitting somewhere between the tenderly spared sound worlds of the Smoke Fairies and the Haight Ashbury’s.


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