song cycles

Staying loosely with the ghost box community there’s something of a distinctly chilling sound link that we found posted on the café kaput site, absolutely no information on this (even the tags provide no clue or the stirring in of the right direction – ‘study’, ‘timbre’ and ‘tone’ are all the hint) except to say it might be by Song Cycles (though I suspect that’s the actual name of the set) and its called ‘harmonic study no. 1’. safe to say that this ought to appeal first instance to those of you who subscribe to the occasional sonic / radio frequency manipulations once upon a time cut to limited vinyl by Sonic Boom in his EAR guise whilst simultaneously plugging perfectly into the lighter and less perilous aural adventures of Roadside Picnic. In short what you get is a 10 minute monolithic dronal drift stirred and chilled in a sparse and minimalist detailing, coldly atmospheric, quiet to start though builds in tension, grimness and definition to consume your listening space in the kind of stark hollowed edginess that sofas were made for to hide behind.

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