Long time readers of the these musings will have no need for introductions where Rhys Marsh is concerned, past endeavours have seen him emerge variously heading up such guises as Autumn Ghost in recent years whilst last time out he was clearly captivating us with an enigmatic covers set headed up by a demurring rephrasing of Nick Drake’s immortal ‘things behind the sun’. due very shortly is the debuting set from kaukasus – a three piece Scandinavian progressive supercollider of sorts featuring the gathering talents of Marsh, Mattias Olsson and Ketil Vestrum Einarsen. The album ‘I’ promises a progian permutation of Genesis, Gabriel, Eno, Can and Japan references though we here having been seduced by the taster track ‘lift the memory’ are of the mind that this lot are playing down their potential, for amid this colourful and tempestuous tapestry looms something tailored in Crimson-ian delights, nu age psych prog delicacies crafted in classic Delirium records pageantry and 70’s rock-a-rama classicism which on first encounter ought to blow the minds of those much attuned in the criminally overlooked sonic craft of No-Man. Album review to follow next missive out.

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