the elwins

A cheery sun teased charmer which by rights ought to be the perfect reason for swooning bouts among those shy eyed types among you clutching preciously to your prized Sarah assorted record collection and who’ve lain awake at night dreaming up secret lists of sonic scenarios featuring your fave bands in various what if settings – such as – for arguments sake – what if they might be giants had the appeared on the adored kitchenware imprint in the early 80’s. well you can tick that one off your list for the Elwins have pretty much nailed that up on ‘sittin pretty’. again culled from their acclaimed debut full length for affairs of the heart, the quartet are currently applying the top coat finishing to their second album – release date and title as yet unknown, rest assured if it sounds remotely as tasty as this it’ll be getting fond words aplenty for this honey comes serenaded in a chirping chime riffage and the kind of tenderised MOR breeziness that radiates with such feel good effervescence it’s a wonder that these dudes haven’t been contracted by a major pharmaceutical to bottle its essences and sell over the counter as a pick me up tonic. Alas no sound links just yet.

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