buttering trio

Absolutely no information on this lot except to say they’ve been described by Clash as ‘superb’ which as far as one word summations go is about as perfect as it gets. Anyhow this is arriving in record land next week via Raw Tapes by Buttering Trio entitled ‘toast’ – we’ve only just briefly scanned through the tracks for a sneak tasting but bugger me this is ticking all the boxes – especially if you love your trip hop charmed in down tempo sophistication and smoked in seductive torch noir trims, in truth opening cut ’mean to me’ does it for us imagining a seriously woozy and on the mark ROC crafting lights dimmed Massive Attack mosaics whilst freebasing on the coolly sultry grooves of the tummy touch and touch tones imprints – yet fast forward through the set and you’ll be subdued and seduced by this lots shape shifting weird and warped tropicalia sonic feast. So to get you warmed up the label have made available free the robots remix of ’no joke’ as a free to download for you to get all jiggy with as its lulling subtronic dub draped ethereal sophisticat moves work their slyly seductive funk wooziness on you. Rest assured begging missives have been dispatched to secure review copies….so expect more fondness to come.

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