A much appreciated message from Luca of Italo noise niks .Cranio. was a much welcomed surprise as were the feral sounds found on a link he enclosed of the bands debut full length entitled – er – ‘debut’. No sooner had we gotten over the delicious distraction that is the opening salvo, the face poking stutter grooved ‘there is a problem’ – a wiring bad dude that seesaws precariously between agit art pop and gridlocked math rock gouging, then we found ourselves going ga ga to the shock treated antics of the schizoid and psychotic ’I like fishin’ – which had we not known any better would have gambled our possessions that it was a wayward outcast from the Pixies ‘Doolittle’ sessions such is its fried and clearly erratic n’ demented persona. So while we send begging letters to secure copies of said album here’s the band – well duo as it happens – caught live at the Festival S. Maria dell Versa doing bad blues ju-ju including a take of both ’there is a problem’ and ’I like fishin’…..

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