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And so back with Alrealon Musique – loosely anyway – think we’re okay posting this for public consumption, a new play list put together by in demand videographer Jan Swinburne featuring twelve mind melting salvos split between three artists – John 3:16, Ryan Campos and Kronofonika. First up John 3:16 here serviced by way of three cuts two of which familiar here – ‘obey God’ and ‘God is light’ but it’s the first ‘the divine healer’ that I’m suspecting has thus far escaped our radar. A slowly unfurling mystic murmur coiled upon an hypnotically lulling and syncopating beat and woozily hazed in divinely super chilled arabesque mirages that snake charm seductively whilst dimpled in softly dissipating psychotropic opines. Previously unknown to us, the work of Ryan Campos is showcased here by 8 tracks the best of which – or at least the one that immediately caught our ear – being ’sounds from a dream I had’ – which unless ears do deceive is longingly draped in the kind of unworldly celestial grace that one suspects it might be some heavenly aural apparition from the beyond touched upon by an angelic hand. Again new to us, kronofonika drops ’the printed becomes the printed’ – a binary blitz cored slab of monochromatic skree scarred frequency manipulation which ought to prick the listening lobes of those attuned to the wares of the Scotch Tapes, Nihil Underground and love torture imprints and something from which beneath the main surface sonic scouring a secondary sound source flickers hidden from immediate earshot pulsing away unperturbed by the busying caustic collapse above it.

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