amen dunes

One of life’s great grumbles for us is the despairing lack of Sacred Bones grooves on our turntable, since moving back up north a few years ago we’ve kind of lost touch with our SB contact. Its been a source of misery since so you can imagine our mood lifting when we eyed this across the ‘net. New album from Amen Dunes – who I’m certain we’ve had cause to mention in days long since past. Anyhow the set is called ‘love’ and according to the brief press word attaching is the sound of Damon McMahon channelling 60’s and 70’s styled spiritual jazz from songs about love, time and money. Well I can partly see where they are coming from for sample track ‘I can’t dig it’ does come shimmered in the kind of soft psych hymnal haloing that one might first suggest its author were a keen listener of Doleful Lions platters, yet scratch a little deeper through the primitive monophonic haze of the sound quality – itself well versed in an old school Elephant 6 collective – and something radiant in dayglo emerges like some beaten around edges and wasted west coast yearning Ariel Pink.

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