the junipers

Many thanks to John at Mega Dodo for pointing us in the general direction of this, the new full length psych pop platter entitled ‘paint the ground’ from the Junipers – a 5 piece who hail from a modern day Leicester though obviously blessed with – you suspect – their heads and hearts firmly supplanted in the 60’s. if I was to say this is the best thing we’ve heard emerging from the psych / folk / kaleidoscopic pop scene since anything by the Woods then you’ll have an idea where we are going with this – all honeyed harmonies, Byrdsian lysergic chimes (as on the delicate turn the Clientele like ‘willow and water mill’) and breezily hushed west coast flavourings of hazily dreamy (’in my reverie’) while the lolloping ’pearly home’ is sumptuously sprayed in lulling Zombies hues whose sweetly cascading love rush will have you affectionately cooing for more – who knows the luckier among you might even be able to bag a limited vinyl pressing via sugarbush – on orange wax to boot – enquiries are being made as I write…

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