You’d better skin up a fat one, buckle yourselves in and don your third eye visors for the return of turntable turn on dudes Astralasia. I’ll be honest. Of all the releases featured in the latest stash of Fruits de Mer grooves this has been the one I’ve been most looking forward to. Word of future Astralasia happenings has been high on the whisper vibe following their surprise – and dare I say – hugely enjoyable appearance of the Fruits de Mer 2014 annual – the deal being given the blessing by Magick Eye head honcho Chris Hillman and sealed by Marc Swordfish’s love of vinyl and the whole concept behind Fruits de Mer. Six instrumental head trips in total feature on ‘wind on water’ – 4 on the actual album plus two on a bonus 7 inch which couldn‘t be squeezed due to groove space limitations with 2 of the cuts dating back to 2006. The set comes pressed up on clear vinyl and features a two piece optical effect outer sleeve which when put together magically disappears. In the words of Swordfish ’wind on water’ is a return to recording values first established on their early cassettes ’…through jams, without being sample led….more organic, free situation’. utilising a broad sonic spectrum that freewheels, mutates and fuses to a mind weaving smorgasbord of ambient arcs, motorik mechanisms, dream drifts and eastern mosaics, ‘wind of water’ seamlessly navigates the aural astral planes. The serenely bliss toned kraut cooled ’Rangoon’ opens proceedings, softly stirred in lilting lunar swathes and murmured in milky glacial orbs its possessed of the kind of trance grooved out there vocabulary that one would imagine being crafted by a latter career Spacemen 3 cosied up to Discordia and set adrift in faraway cosmic paradises upon a hyper galactic jet rocket navigated by La Dusseldorf. Title track the hazy ’wind on water’ is the first of two extended workouts, a 15 minute spellbinding slice of sultry exotica clipped in a deeply demurred mesmeric hypno-grooving built upon a hulking floor rumbling n’ chilled out dub dipped bass gouge a la Dreadzone all woozily weaved in mystical arabesque charms, which at the 5 minute mark shed their skin to emerge psychotropically enhanced casting krautronik shapes from out of bliss kissed cosmic hues to shape up like a Slipstream styled lock grooved lunar juggernaut. ‘cresta run’ continues the hyperreal ride, an intoxicating slow smouldered trip that for the best part sound not unlike its basked in the aural afterglow of Bowie’s ‘loving the alien’ though here clearly invested and imparted with a Floydian meets System 7 mellowness. On the 7 inch you’ll find the epic dust dry spiritual ‘the desert’ – harmonicas, pianos and a killer snake winding riff twang endow this with the kind of magnificent full on panoramic grandeur that these days greets releases by John 3:16 and pretty much circumnavigates worlds once upon visited by jah wobble and the invaders of the heart with just a little tasting of ry cooder for full on effect. Over on the flip of the seven inch sits ‘continuim’ – a return to reality from higher states you could call it – more out of body abstractia I’m afraid, atmospheric and dipped ever so slightly in the kind of vapour trailing sonic seasoning that often came seducing platters and cassettes alike bearing the name Ozric Tentacles upon them. Best moment of the set all said is the truly bonged out ‘the innosence’ – last encountered in these pages when we took a brief peak at the labels limited ‘Mayfish’ sampler, a glorious psychotropic tapestry traversing the inner voids of the third eye and something which aside being shimmered in the hazily glazed surrealist floral dream mirages found threaded upon those Chris Morris ‘blue room’ adventures, should find love and adoration as well as a fitting home in record collections festooned with Delirium label delights. Totally out there and tripping.

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