I’ve a serious feeling that we’ve omitted to mention the last handful of EiC releases something which if we think on we’ll do our damnedest to remedy. However. And here we where about to power down for the evening when into our listening space veers the latest everything is chemical virtual 7 inch. Now I’ll be the first in saying that I normally greet each and every EIC release with the now obligatory ‘best thing they’ve put out to date’. but this is. In fact so good I can see this cropping up on our end of the year lists – if that is we make it that far. As ever no information with this, which in truth adds to the mystery because we’re not so sure we have the bands name right – in which case might – or might not – be bonesift. As said the info is really sketchy – so sketchy the only hint it gives away on the descriptor tag is that its ’dark experimental electronic’. four tracks appear within spirited from a place not of this world, all bleakly beautiful and assumed in a spectral nothingness clipped in the kind ghost light grandeur and minimalist glow that often seduced early releases emerging from the 4AD stable. Caressed in a bruising hymnal shelling and steeled in sparse pulsar swathes each of these ghostly apparitions resonate with a hallowed cavernous spell craft that comes ice sculptured in the dreamy night terror visitations of some sub species fused of Pink Industry and SPK DNA’s with ’static’ arriving particularly shimmered in the muted oceanic grace of Ex Post Facto. It takes ’INYD’ to thaw the inherent chill pervading throughout and dimple the remoteness with a chill tipped yearn much reminiscent of the adored No Ceremony but by that point your already hooked, seduced and transfixed by its frosted hypnotic glare. Perfection in a word.

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