veda rays

Literally just been dropkicked onto our radar, the spanking debut release from Brooklyn’s Veda Rays. Entitled ‘wait for the teeth to show’ this lot have already been the cause of critical palpitations with one scribe declaring the cut a ‘channelling of noir epic atmospheres of a post Vince Clarke Depeche Mode (twinned) with the romanticism of Duran Duran’s ’Rio’ – clearly how could we argue. But we will, for shrouded in dark glamour and positively electrified in pulse racing friction bleeds a throbbing floor trashing juggernaut whose shadow lined electro chic is indelibly shimmered in 80’s vibes chilled by the cold wave minimalism of B-Movie at the height of their powers and vampishly torn asunder by the uber cooled strut geared pop savvy of white rose movement.

Video features a guest appearance by Tarra Thiessen from Sharkmuffin….

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