mega dodo sampler

Head over to Mega Dodo and you can – for your troubles – pick up a nifty four track sampler set gratis (entitled ‘evolver’) upon whose grooves you’ll find treats aplenty from Icarus Peel, Octopus Syng, Green Question Mark and the mysterious Dark Haired Douglas. Of course all should need no introduction here except the latter mentioned which in the absence of such information you can whistle all you like. Green Question Mark last spied here courtesy of that rather fine ‘cover of ‘Pegasus’ a little while back stump up ‘fortune teller’ here, a killer slice of fuzzy buzzy lysergic beat pop shimmered in easy eared Seeds motifs and strut riddled kick backs. Having already laid us a swoon with their current full length ‘reverberating garden no. 7’, Octopus Syng step up to the plate with the darkly woven Love like ’if you were a flower’ which by these ears we reckon sounds not unlike a studio collision between the adored Clientele and the Relict.those preferring their sound experiences kaleidoscopically dipped might be mindful to navigate headsets in the general direction of Icarus Peel’s ’museum of my mind’ for a mushroom mind expansion trip to love meets tomorrow meets july mirages as though here done by a particularly sane sounding flowered up while dark haired ouglas picks up the end groove threads for a spot of delicious Monkeyisms all kookified in dinky hammonds – reminds us of murmurs of Irma all said.

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