The much welcomed returned of Dan Carney to these pages. Astronauts is the new project of the former Dark Captain Light Captain man. With a debuting full length ‘hollow ponds’ in tow awaiting launch date, the yearning softly mesmeric ‘slow dive’ has been sent ahead on a scouting detail. Of course old school Dark Captain admirers oughtn’t fear any great change in the stereophonic styling, crisp and lulling, Carney weaves a lazy eyed murmur to proceedings, softly glazed airy rustic psych shimmers pimpled in pastoral hypnotics delicately allure a cascading faraway bitter sweetly forlorn glow all softly thawed in a mercurial purr whose palette should find attractive nods from early career Swimmer One and Working for a Nuclear Free City types. In addition on the set are two remixes by rocketnumbernine and bit cloudy – the former a huge ever growing mind altering pulsar purring dub stepping dream tripping cosmic carousel the latter and psychotropic nugget that strips, junks and rebuilds from the original template to craft out a sparsely minimalist krautronik gem. Out via lo recordings early June.

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