Only 350 of these beauties in orbital reach, two exclusive cuts from Heads’ man Paul Allen’s latest project Anthroprophh just ahead of an imminent album for rocket recordings. These recordings feature Big Naturals Jesse Webb and Gareth Turner both of whom are now onboard full time and finds Anthroprphh voyaging ever deeper in to celestial waters. Two lengthy workouts feature here ‘precession’ clocking in just shy of the 15 minute marker sounding not unlike some bleakly daubed slice of post apocalyptic cinematic futurism which had we not known better by way of its intricately layered lunar tribalism sounds to these ears like a cosmic re-visitation of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Tusk’ albeit flashed through and remodelled by a gathering of Neu and Amon Duul II types which once satisfied your under its spell after seven minutes of weaving its hazy and woozy primitively cradled ceremonial styled hypnotic mantra suddenly takes it upon itself to instigate a spot of fuzzed out eastern snake charming before edging towards the end grooves for a spot of reality collapsing critical meltdown. Over t’other side ‘EBBH’ is a 17 minute headlong trip to mind expansion-ville very much entering the lair of Add N to X albeit that’ll be Add N to X having hoodwinked themselves into BBC Maida Vale and found the famous room that is home to the Radiophonic Workshop wherein they’ve proceeded to tinker with looping tapes, oscillators and analogue gadgetry to cook up something in the style of a wasted and out of it White Noise, that is before discovering that the gaff has a canteen whereupon they’ve gone in search of watering and sustenance mistakenly leaving the tapes a-rolling only for Mugstar to impishly nip in and for a wheeze lay some seriously wired out progian cosmicalia in the sonic signature of Mountain. Fans of everything from classic era Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and Craig Padilla will adore.

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