insect surfers


This surfadelic stereophonic shocker comes pressed up as an ultra limited 300 only green splatter wax variant (the CD and download versions come fleshed out with 4 additional bonus cuts) via the adored Green Cookie imprint and features the latest bad boogie from the Insect Surfers titled ‘infra green‘. On and off since the late 70’s these dudes fronted up by David Arnson have been breaking the surf twang rule book for over thirty years cross wiring the predictable trademark signatures fusing elements of punk and psych to craft out soundtracks for films yet to be conceived yet alone scored. Amid the riff rumbles gouged amid these grooves the unmistakable signature glide of Will Sergeant albeit appreciably fed speed is evident on the opening power popping surge of ‘bay of Bengal’ while had Gerry Anderson been western minded as opposed to being sci-fi fascinated then the cool shimmer toning Link Wray meets smoked out Johnny Kidd stylings of ’DelMarVa’would have headed up the kind of sonic templates being primed into the minds of the late 60’s kids by Barry Gray. Elsewhere ‘orion canyon’ imagines some secret studio soiree forged by Neil Young and Johnny Marr while those of you missing your one time regular intake of man or astro man grooviness should venture forth at pace to the rampant ‘sea scorpion’ – thoroughly recommended and something that’ll be visited upon again once we nail hard copies.


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