And many thanks to Andrea at Corpoc for sending us a finished copy of the imminent 500 only twinset from OvO. An immaculate looking thing coming housed in a thick screen printed sleeve replete with inserts inside which sit’s a seriously heavy duty slab of wax with one side bearing two tracks stamped upon its hide while on the other a highly attractive picture disc / gold design etching – you have to see it to truly appreciate it. Anyhow if I recall rightly these should be available at the forthcoming Ovo shows when they step upon these shores very shortly with Gnaw. Both ‘Averno’ and ‘Oblio’ originate from the same recording sessions that gave birth to the duo’s unforgiving ‘Abisso’ full length. Those thinking cast offs – think again – for this is not for the faint of heart. An epic feat of brooding mutant tribalism grizzled in grind core electronics with ’Averno’ rising ominously from the depths of despair gouged in all manner of apocalyptic stoner bleaching in its wake casting a choking cloak of unearthly disturbia which even after listening re-visitations still sounds like a face off between Helmet and Helios Creed. More forbidding still is the feral and nightmarish ’Oblio’ an unflinching and bleak end of days blackened ceremony coded in a slickly sick and slavering negativity wherein all your worst fears coalesce into a dread consuming slab of futility where hope is extinguished and all light and salvation is sucked dry, brutally epic though rest assured a hellish experience that will leave its mark. http://www.corpoc.com

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