And now for something that by rights ought to be high on our radar of those among you so admiring of the sounds that emanate from sound houses such as boltfish, smallfish and rednetic. From what we can gather the debut release from SAL, a Turin based producer and musician who armed with just a sampler, drum machine and a mixer has turned in a highly engaging and style wise varying dub doused four track nugget entitled ‘achtung, banditi!‘ via the Edison box imprint. Opening cut ‘Toussaint ouverture’ is your shape shifting audiac species blending minimalist drum n’ bass textures to a mutant dubtronic glitched out deep Detroit technoid hybrid and found veering into sonic soundscapes once upon a time explored and mined by the likes of Cheju and Minotaur Shock. Sparsely seasoned upon a minimalist thread ‘Malik’ reveals itself as a slo-mo psychotropic lunar lovely trip wired by booming dub pulsars, twinkling lullaby chimes and hulking elephantine fanfares which all said collectively gather like some fleeting visitation from the far reaches of the galaxy of a heavenly body. Elsewhere the playfully busy and multi textured ’elephants’ playfully skirts the kind of subtronic territories once visited upon by the more saner sound structures breaching the Tigerbeat6 confines, though scratch a little and the playful lo-fi lunar waltz at play here courts the kind of affectionate classicism that one time or another was the art craft of the likes of casino vs. japan and kimonophonic. Best of the set by our reckoning is the parting ’Kaiser doc’ – a dubbed out radiophonic workshop carousel – thinks that’s about as much as you need to know. Go seek.

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