the danbury lie

Now this little curio came by our way via a message posted on our word press site by Robert Loncto who much engaged by our mentioning of Geist and the Sacred Ensemble thought we might similarly love his project the Danbury Lie. Described in passing as a ‘musical mindfuck that takes the listener on an eerie journey deep into the mind of a freethinker’. okay agreed it doesn’t really sell it like ‘liable to drop bollocks’ or ‘redecorate your listening space in wild lysergic tropes’ but that said there’s something here ticking a variety of boxes deep in our melodic psych for Danbury Lie sit somewhere in the twilight shadows that mark the bridging cracks between softening psychedelia and spell crafting wood cut folk, limited to just 200 physical CD copies and available as an unlimited download ‘the Danbury lie’ doesn’t immediately jump out at you but rather more plants seeds that blossom slowly, much like a magicians sleight of hand Loncto and Co cross weave a sometimes haunting magicalia that nods with equal measure to the likes of Beatglider (as on ’witches’) and Tex La Homa (via ’in the rain’) and while we’ve only dipped in and out for a sample taste while we send forth begging missives to secure hard copies it’s the airy mathian grooved ’last day’ that caught our ear proving to be one of sets highlights teetering upon a sonic seesaw sitting somewhere between a youthful Death Cab for Cutie and Billy Mahonie.

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