the memory band

Bewildered to think that there may be a few rogue copies of this still doing the rounds. A record store day special from those patrons of good musical taste – Static Caravan – who celebrated said event with a limited 500 only 10 inch vinyl cut from the Memory Band and friends, those friends being Belbury Park and Grantby. ‘further navigations’ was a re-visitation of sorts and an accompanying after glowing set to last years critically acclaimed ‘on the chalk (our navigation of the line of the downs)’ album, featured here three cuts – two of which guest remixes the other an exclusive previously unreleased nugget from the Memory Band. Belbury Park need no introductions here, the alter ego of one Jim Jupp of ghost box fame and he who on occasion has a tendency to retune old Radiophonic signatures, re-trim weird old school public information films and lost library sounds in a vintage pre-decimalised monochrome setting and who by all accounts lives in the seventies only appearing in the modern day by request or summons through a magic portal behind the big apple tree. Here surrounded by all manner of aural analogue arcadia he’s let loose on ’hobby horse’ and fashions it in a desirably dizzy display of kooky carousel waltzing pagan pageantry, mayday merriment and Summerisle signatures, the effect is trippy part regal part floral seasoned in Tunng tonalities, Discordia breeziness and the delicate echo of ‘strawberry fair’ vibes which viewed as a whole ought to appeal first hand to those much loving of the Seahawks seafaring kaleidoscopics. As for Grantby, better known to sonic scholars and close acquaintances as Dan Grigson who along with Memory Band-er Stephen Cracknell once forged repute by way of posting tracks for the likes of Mo Wax in the 90’s before bowing out and disappearing off radar for several years. Here found rephrasing ‘the ballad of imber down’ upon who core template he endows a sense of cinematic grandeur courted in a noir tinged down tempo tongue all seductively serenaded by corteges of twinkle set string arrangements dimpled by momentary flashes of sampled narratives from what sounds like Bugs Bunny’s arch rival Yosemite Sam. or their part Memory Band serve up the acutely affectionate ’walk along it’ and find themselves sitting somewhere between early career Pickled Egg era Go Team flip side vintage and those public service broadcast dudes as though gathered together and colluding hatchling plans with the Cuban Boys, an ode to the joys of that great rock n’ roll past time – rambling – which includes cantering marching counts or as the press release prefers to call them salutes to the mysterious phenomena of the shortwave numbers station broadcasts which for those among you possessed of a conspiracy theory bent was recently superseded by the appearances of some 80,000 colour coded video shorts on you tube in recent months. Deserving of a loving home – purchase on sight – many thanks to head Static Caravan man Geoff for sending over finished copies.

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