New loveliness from the ever adored Moon Glyph imprint comes courtesy of 555 which for those unaware of such things is the alter ego of one Christopher Farstad here found taking time out from heading up the amazing Food Pyramid. We haven’t, admittedly, had time to hear the whole of ‘nine gates’ set straight through but have so far been much taken by the two showcase cuts posted up to herald its arrival. ‘Som Hassell’ in its initial moments sounds like some Herbie Hancock meets Ric James subtronic funk floosy with discoid electronica accoutrements brought to a modern day footing and rephrased by Gary Wilson before seductively jettisoning off radar into heavenly kissed environs aboard some celestial carousel showered in dissipating wisps of shape shifting serenades of euphoria. ’killing joke’ (alas not the band – though it should be said they will appear in these musings if not this missive then the next) is a wonderfully delicately demurred slice of busy beat buoyed dream weaved Meek-esque mosaics which when unpeeled and left to fill your listening space with its hybrid Balearic swells does manage to translate like some lost and unclaimed remix of a mid 80’s New Order nugget somewhat overlooked from the finalised groove edits of their ’(rest of) new order’ remix compilation from the mid 90’s. http://www.soundcloud.com/moonglyph/555-som-hassel

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