black fluo


I’m thinking that you’ve never heard such an eerie a rephrasing of ‘Scarborough Fair’ as your ever going to encounter here, it catches you of guard emerging through the primordial fog of something shrouded in the kind of pensive and austere detailing rarely heard so decoded since the appearance on our turntables of Left Hand’s criminally overlooked ‘minus 8’ set from many years back. Detuned and damaged there’s a maudlin majesty about its wares that traces its way back to the Grails at the height of their powers augmented by a would be all star gathering of Constellation records talent with the addition of some ethereal Birkin-esque seduction. But then ‘billion sands’ is not your average album and neither its musicality tiresome or easily to peg to any definable generic box, and just when you are beginning – or should I say – think your getting on to its radar then the blighter about turns and heads in a differing direction causing you to take sock, change focus and repeat what by the end reveals itself to be a never ending looping cycle wherein you the listener are constantly tripping backwards off step and wrong footed. The debut album from Italo quartet Black Fluo is as the accompanying press release rightly notes expressed in electronic and classical dialects, an amorphous and admirable calling card that treads the spectral cracks of musical genres vaguely familiar (post rock, math, noire neo classicism and austere post punk) like some between dimension trekking spirit walker. Indelibly shadow lined ’billion sands’ is a richly deceptive set that rewards and reveals with repeat listen, here the purring ’Narcosia’ is, as you’d rightly imagine from a track titled thus, eked in trip wiring dream sequences and a sense of unreal surrealism which could easily be described as a shadow lined Lynchian half sister of the Orb’s ’lil fluffy clouds’ albeit ostensibly aglow in the withering solar activity of a dying star. The stilled and eerily disquieting ‘whisper’ with its minimalist cradling of meandering riffage and darkly set narrative manages to occupy the centre ground between the Artery and And Also the Tress on one side and Arab Strap on the other. Daubed in monochrome mosaics there’s the hollowing tensely wound grip of the melancholic mantra ‘death of a sun’ to contend with. Dimpled in crystalline riff cascades ’les vagues caleidoscopiques’ lightens the moods somewhat peppering the listening space with an acutely snaking blues phrased lulling post rockian tapestry that finds itself sitting somewhere between Floyd and a playfully soft psyched spectral Grails (again). With its ice chimes and neo classicist noir trimmings ’caledonia’ rounds up the set, distressed, dark and dour, it comes framed in the kind of primitive electronic apparitions you’d expect to hear on a Louis and Bebe Barron soundtrack or else something stirring from the depths of a release via the hibernate imprint. All said just edging ’Scarborough Fair’ as the sets stand out track is the opening ’la fin’ – a gorgeously woven slice of noir italia groove in the style of Barry, Mancini and Morricone and cut from the same tapestry of the ’Vendetta’ theme and summoned upon a ghostly palette that sounds like the handicraft of Set Fire to Flames as though remodelled by Joe Meek. The CD comes bound in a book available via the pulver und asche imprint.

Black Fluo - Billion Sands by Pulver Und Asche Records

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