Mega Dodo – ‘Evolver’

Last missive out (that’ll be Tales from the Attic #37 young folk – Ed) we made mention of a free to download sampler set from those fine folk at mega dodo available to grab via their band camp site. We’re happy – or should I say – as chuffed as hell to have received through the mail a full CD of said set sent by Mega Dodo head honcho John. Now I think I’m right in saying that this is a much sought after release having only been available in the goodie bags handed out at the recent Crabstock events put on by Fruits de Mer. A delightful sonic shop window of strange delights await inside with the CD comprising of seven nuggets three of which are previously unreleased with a further three culled from forthcoming mega dodo happenings and an old gem from Crystal Jacqueline. (‘Sun Arise’ in case you are wondering). It also gives us a chance to hook up and sample something from the much anticipated Mark and the Clouds album courtesy of the adorable ‘blue skies opening’ – a softly dreamy slice of slow drift intoxica sumptuously shimmering upon serenely seafaring horizons gliding lazy eyed beneath sun dimpled skies towards secret hideaways wherein chill Gram Parsons and Gene Clark. And talking of Mr Clark, found here are Strange Turn who aside flipping our wigs courtesy of their recent ’pink litmus paper shirt’ single have its flipside – a cover of Clark’s ‘elevator operator’ doing nifty things across the dansette getting it on in a most addictively sly and wiggly way. And then there’s Mordecai Smyth closing the set with ’out in the stars’. pulled from his forthcoming face off with Icarus Peel this dream dipped 60’s apparition arrives shimmered in a kaleidoscopic lounge glow, a kind of super chilled Pink Floyd if you like twinkled and tingled in Keith West smarties – a bit of a gem all said.

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