adderall canyonly

Best described as a surreal daydreaming lunar sea ride undertaken by a particularly celestial exotic land venturing Vini Reilly though not before stocking up on all manner of radiophonic workshop trappings and then casting off to create murmured milky mosaics in the style of a kosmiche ‘Sailing by’. what can it be pray tell us I hear you cry in unison, well it appears on – from what we can gather – an exclusive EP recorded specially for the Wyrd Daze online resource / magazine, issue #6 to be exact and its by Adderall Canyonly of whom I’m certain we’ve featured in previous musings, the track is called ’never let me go’ and is a bit of a cutie much deserving of pride of place next to your Discordia, Busy Signals and optiganally yours releases.

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