Pulled this from a music blob posting mourning the parting of the folk police imprint, amid the celebratory recap of some of the finest slices of nu-folk to emerge upon these shores we discovered this little nugget shy eyed and reclining in the undergrowth. Arrowwood is the alter ego of one Chelsea Robb (aka Arrowwdodd – gets awfully confusing), this spectral beauty emerged from the twilight sometime last year (much to our embarrassment having only heard it now) and is the opening greeting call of her strictly limited vinyl release ’beautiful grave’ via merlin‘s nose. ’Under root a winding stair’ is the kind of ethereal happening that one time or another we’d have expected to appear on the much missed Autumn Ferment imprint, in short the most disquietingly beautiful thing we’ve heard here since Lisa O Piu’s delectable ’whisperers, wavers, hunters and sailors’ 7 inch for the label way back in 2008. Ghostly ether breaching murmurs transmit from beyond the veil, elegant, elegiac and above all enchanting, dronal incantations, shimmering chimes and hymnal harmonics steeled in a reverential stillness press upon something drawn deep from our consciousness as though a forest dwelling siren calling forth her spell forming love craft, utterly bewitching and irrefutable adoring.

The link for that Folk Police bit –

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