deja Vega

Oh yes we are loving this, quick email from their manager Tom announcing the imminent arrival to record store frenzy courtesy of his latest protégés Deja Vega. This lot hail from Cheshire or thereabouts and ought by rights to be on the radar of those much attuned to latest Static Caravan trendsetters Victories at Sea and the Grafham Water Sailing Club. We here have been treated to fresh recordings emanating from their secret studio basement in the shape of ‘the test’ and ‘sleep’, the former curdled in an austere sonic magma fused out of Will Bunnymen-esque stratospheric riff opines that flash skywards like cloud parting siren lights against a pulsing tension snagging panic attacking edginess clipped in a razor like jagged urgent primal gouging all indelibly cut with 80’s brushstrokes. As to ’sleep’ in sharp contrast less fried in hysteria that its sibling and more coded in a northern post punk landscape much catalogued by early releases founding their way out of Factory and Zoo whilst fleetingly showered in a darkening soft garage psych purr that finds it situated on an axis left of centre from the Wild Swans.

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