Thunderous and head bowed epic happening pulled forth from the forthcoming Khuda full length ‘molasses constricts the clinostat’ due soon on prugelprinz recordings. Already gaining a formidable and enviable reputation the long distance separated duo (Leeds / Jyvaskyla) with board sharing spots with the likes of and so I watch you from afar, mono and Russian circles, his twin set manage to craft a full on panoramic sound despite the limitation of numbers in their ranks, case in point being the previewing track ’phi am’. a vast storm gathering slab of intricately metered big bearded mathian post rocking grizzled groove balanced upon a finite teetering line that freewheels upon the brooding and the sonically pyrotechnic all serviced by moments of splintering aggression and delicate lulls of pulsing watchful patience, admirers of Hey Colossus et al will swoon. The vinyl version of the album arrives in a specially limited edition gold on black screen printed sleeve.

Khuda 'Molasses Constricts The Clinostat' Artwork

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