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And its back with Tusmorke whose ‘all is lost’ features on a mammoth feast of sonic Satanic soirees courtesy of a hulking pod cast put together by Soggy Bog for his doom metal show which across a three hour play list rummages the aural underworld for mentions of the horned one to cook up a witching hour pagan tapestry of devilish delights. Among the chosen few here you’ll be chilled to the ice cold eeriness of the mono grooved homage ’lucifer’s song’ by Uffomammut which apart from anything else sounds like an aborted work in progress early primer for Tubeway Army‘s ‘replicas’ discovered abandoned and rephrased many years later by a ‘Scene 30’ era Echoboy with the assistance of Add N to X. doom prog is the order of the day for Black Doom who stoner sludge ’lucifer rising’ claws with a toxic chemistry of Ozzy upon its shoulder. Ghast actually sound as though they crawled and scraped their way from the very pit of hell with their blackened apocalypsia ‘spiritless hell’ while Rose Kemp offers up ‘the unholy’ – a darkly woven slice of wyrd and warping tranced out progian psych blues scratched through with moments of monastic mosaics. Those of you whose listening loves centre around the catalogue of rise above will do well to check in to noctum’s fuzzily beatniked ‘the séance’ while part chain crank up the crusted misfit-ian monitors for the hell blues stoner ‘voyage to hell’ while black hole dink your listening space with some damn fine hybrid of equal parts hawkwind and Sabbath for ‘demoniac city’. too brief for its own good is Volume IV’s ‘save your prayers’ though rest assured in its 1.37 duration reveals more ambition than most bands ever summon in a whole career – especially tasty for those adoring of slide riffage, preacher blues grooves and images of dark pacts at the fabled crossroads, oh and Neil Young. Floyd’s ‘Lucifer Sam’ gets some seriously psychotropic garage treatment by the Well while the demonic ‘to hell we ride’ by Albino Python really does have a sense of the Bolan one venturing the dark side. Those preferring your sounds doomed and damned might be best advised to find a sofa to hide behind when the 20 minute doom trip that is Sinistrous Diabolus’ ’Aeon Tenebris Aeon Lacrimis’ rears in misshapen head, seriously grim stuff wretched in despair and futility which for the best part is spared to a slow sludge like stoner grooving that at time rises up from the pit and drags you by the hair into its cyclonic oblivion. Depressingly immense in short. More death / black metal looms with the emergence of Cauldron Black Ram’s foreboding and forbidding ’devil’s trotters’ while the frankly killer named Bongripper bring to the altar the revelations ju-ju ’Satan’ – a hulking behemoth of post everything retribution which ought to find kindred spirits with the likes of Circle and Heavy Winged. Veering ever so closely into the Witchcraft and Electric Wizard sonic coven is Dread Soverign’s ’pray to the devil in man’ while Magister Templi do a neat line in spell crafted magicalia on the gothian blues ‘Lucifer’. bedevilled in a bleakly bleached brooding aura looms the swamp dragged and solemnly deadheaded ‘sons of belial’ by the wounded kings – a punishing end of days mantra. Admirers of all things reverb worship will be advised to head to hail spirit noir’s ‘satan in time’ and Sabbath assembly’s ‘Lucifer’ as both appear wrapped in the same lost mercurial folk tongue as befits that imprints hallowed catalogue. Somewhere else there’s the psychosis forming dread of elliotts keep’s ‘days of hell’ while demon eye opt for some classically raw blues boog-a-loo for ’devil knows the truth’ while old school metal in the image of iron maiden rears up on Acid’s ‘lucifera’. galloping towards the track listing end is NYMF’s squalling and punitive razor cut ’lucifer takes the crown’ while we’d be none to surprised to hear that Demonhead’s ‘demon head’ was some wasted and lost big bearded bastard unearthed from the early 70’s given it Sabbathian prowess. Elsewhere demon lung howls with a disquieting dread chill courtesy of ‘devil’s wind’ with it imparting their blackening sickness to all it touches leaving Satan Satyrs – who it should be said – aside serving up one of the best platters this set sound like latch key reprobates reared up on an estrus / sympathy for the devil diet – ‘lucifer lives’ is just off the radar – wired, freakish and riddled in wah wah’s aplenty, uber garage psych to go.


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