this sect

Here’s a little something that I’m certain the alt math post punk purists among you will be (or ought to be) flocking in droves to check out. Hailing from Oslo, Norway, This Sect are a collective made up of five Norwegians and one Swede, together they craft needle hot intricate art groove bastardised in all manner of post rockist signatures that sound for all the world as though they’ve be shock treated, in case of reference markers Rough Trade likened the bands 2nd EP to a hybrid of ‘fugazi and Interpol crossed with Devo and PIL…and maybe a touch of Flying Nun indieness…’ which for the best part nails succinctly what these dudes do. New album ’shake the curse’ is certainly grounded in Fugazi and Interpol apparitions but less obvious and more apparent is its imagining of a youthful pre peek a boo make up Cure muddying the brew especially on the cut ‘lines on a trail’. that said there’s plenty here to keep the most curious admirer of the Playwrights suitably satiated and while we go off in search of hard copies we’ll just wrap up matters for now by making mention of the forthcoming single ’make shit shine’ – the albums sore thumb all said, cowed in a withering after burn between the friction and angst there’s a forlorn bruising breaching the normally frenzied sonic punctuations wherein the full panoramic vocabulary of their alt post punk credentials come into sharp head bowed focus.


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