black light white light

New thang ‘high like a hurricane’ from Black Light White Light due for touch down next month on their own record records imprint has been turning the heads of no lesser dude than Simon Raymonde whose already premiered it on his amazing radio show. The trio are about to break cover following a period of lull following their debuting long player platter ‘Infrared Daylight’ way back in 2011 with word abound that recordings are being laid down for a follow up album as we write. Blessed with a swooning cool ‘high as a hurricane’ comes ablaze in the kind of shimmering strut gouged shade adorned pout and soft psych vapour trailing spidery licks that’ll have the Dandy Warhols set smoked out and bliss kissed whilst primed to go with a fringe flicking swagger that sees them freewheeling into aural orbits more accustomed to the sounds of the Lucid Dream. That said main crowd attractor here is to be found on the flip side for the ‘sex and fury’ sees them emerging from an Air like cosmicalia daydream to shed its skin a reveal itself as a chemically enhanced slow weaving stoned out mantra sumptuously bedded upon a killer shit faced dust ravaged arid dry snake winding motif looming large sporting a deep long stare and smoking its own – voodoo lysergia to go.

Black Light Whiet Light CD cover FINAL 2+1400 px.jpg

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