the dandelion

I can’t really recall the Kill City Creeps doing bad things on our turntable which is a shame because I’m suspecting we’ve thus far missed a treat. We mention this not because we like the look of our typing – which now you come to mention does look quite dandy tonight – but because this next ‘un is a cover of their ‘I got a letter’ as re-phrased by the Dandelion as ‘I got another letter‘. For those of you not quite up to speed with these things the Dandelion is that dude from the Dolly Rocker Movement Daniel Poulters who earlier this year fried our headspace with a psyched out 12 inch EP – the first in a planned series of wax platters from those cool cats over at bad afro. ’I got a letter’ is pulled from a forthcoming second 12 inch set pencilled in for release later this year and finds the Dandelion one twisting the original and adding something of a psychosis forming sinister edge to proceedings whilst simultaneously threading it in the kind of swirling and smoking shadowy 60’s cool that upon first hearing you’d be forgiven for thinking it had been cooked up by Cheval Sombre in a studio alliance with Sonic Boom’s Spectrum. Simply ultra cool.

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