saint agnes

This smoking daddio comes from Saint Agnes – a cinematic psych duo (quoting from the press release) Jon and Kitty who’ll soon be swooning those much admiring of the Delgados and Mazzy Star (on the b side at least) when their ‘old bone rattle’ 7 inch steps out via the energy snake imprint early next month. A reverb soaked boot stomping slab of coolly cut 60’s soul blues scalped with a dust dragged dialect and the kind of old school snaking hot grind that sounds as though its been waiting at the fabled crossroads for the greyhound bus to oblivion to pass and comes picked in a devilish prairie howl all stoked up by some killer spectral organ motifs and fuzz fried twangs aplenty. Flip side is nifty to for ‘roadhouse blues’ is coyed in breezy honky tonking harmonicas and the type of shadow playing spectral smoking cool soft psych vibe that you’d only ever find sitting perched upon a release bearing the name Kull upon its hide. Alas no sound links just yet.

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