bill pritchard

Really must nab a copy of the latest Bill Pritchard album ‘a trip to the coast’ – I swore we had a copy but I’ll be buggered if we can lay hands to it. Anyway second download single from the set gathers together ‘in June’ and ‘yeah yeah girl’ – the former – which I should add here we just can’t get enough of – is deliciously decorated and dandified in the murmured afterglow of a ‘respect’ era Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians and comes adorably quivered in snaking struts and a subtle waft of honey glowed west coast drizzled sumptuousness that admirers of both the Weather Prophets and the Loft may do well to check out. In truth I can’t really call it when recommending the best side for the flip ‘yeah yeah girl’ is crushed in a distantly reflective paisley pop hue rippled in a sweetly caressing chime chirping bitter sweetly curdling fading beauty that much recalls Kevin Tihista and Michael Shelley. Via tapete records.

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