cambodian space project

We are in the middle of putting together a wordy begging request in the hope of securing a copy of this ‘un – in truth I’m suspecting that in the coming days, weeks and no doubt months – this set will be vying for turntable love with Electric Citizen’s debuting long player platter. Now in truth we used to get loads of metal postcard releases until we fell off their mailing list and they stopped replying to our emails – how strange – so there was admittedly an air of we’ll give that one a miss then – ha ha – until we actually had a sneak peak of the cuts inside. Third album from the Cambodian Space Project entitled ’whiskey Cambodia’ is due to surface sometime July and we suggest those of you who are adoring of 60’s psych folk – think Jefferson, Grateful, Curved Air and the sounds of the legendary summer loving beatnik festivals – ought to be putting cash aside in readiness to exchange for – for this is something else. This collective headed up by Julien Poulsen and Srey Thy has had its ranks bolstered by the inclusion of some notable motown legends – Dennis Coffey for one and mix up their repertoire by covering classic Cambodian covers from the 60’s along with original penned material as away of preserving the lost sounds of that region. We here have been a little smitten by the albums parting cut – the title track as it happens – a gloriously sultry and trippy mantra that’s guaranteed to blow minds and set wigs alight mainly for its seductive snake charming tablatures and hotly swarthy middle eastern mosaics all dimpled with spectral soft psych codas which in truth sound as though emerged through the lysergic transcendental haze of a bong tooting session of the master musicians of the bukkake. Utterly stunning and out there.

No sound links with which to serenade you with I’m afraid but we managed to root this out of you tube just for you dear reader – here’s the band performing said track at last years world village festival

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