clara barker

Doe eyed and demurred in a sweetly hazel chipped bouquet of velveteen chimes rippled in a faraway floral framing and dreamily twinkled in a lazy eyed love note there’s much affection in our gaff for the fragile ‘the bees song’ by Clara Barker. Pulled from her second album ’fine art and the breslins’ out now via small bear. The set itself comes with an additional 4 track selection when purchased through band camp as a way of saying thanks. As to ‘the bees song’ itself – well simply put – four minutes of beautified spring hued blissfulness softly courted, teased and dimpled in affectionate crushes whilst reclining thoughtfully on a sun showered porch, which if I’m not very much mistaken ought to find adoring homes with the Spit n’ Polish and Shoeshine brigade.

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2 Responses to clara barker

  1. realclarabarker says:

    I am actually blushing! Thank you so much for this! CB xxx

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