pere ubu

This is edgy stuff and creepy with it, so creepy you can feel the beads of tension coursing down your spine. Safe to say you’ve probably never heard Pere Ubu sound this minimal, sparse and un-pere-ubu. ‘road to Utah’ is your 50’s styled b-movie shock of paranoia and dark psychosis cast upon a monochrome mooring spooking the listening space in mutant mosaics that chill loosely to a ’human fly’ like vibe whilst slung in the boot there’s the squirreling jazz detailing of shadowy imps mooching about playing peek a boo, like a darkly macabre Tom Waits circus driven into an unsuspecting town by Beefheart. One freaky dude and rumoured to be appearing on Fire this coming winter as part of their ‘carnival of souls’ set. The video incidentally is lifted from the horror flick of the same name.

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